This is a question that keeps popping up and barbers will never tire of asking. So we decided we would clarify some thangs while staying aware of the variations that occur. When charging for your services there are several factors that need to be considered:

1) Economic Climate of Your Area 
Understand your location and demographic. Washington DC, and NY are metropolitan cities with a high number of high wage earners. Cuts can be more expensive in these areas. Philadelphia while a metropolitan city the demographic has a higher percentage of blue-collar workers. Prices reflect this.

For example, in Brooklyn a typical haircut and beard is usually $15. Go to Manhattan a few miles away and those prices can skyrocket to $40 and beyond just for a haircut. Which brings us to our next point:

2) The Quality of Services You Offer
Besides a basic haircut, other services you provide such as color, facials, manicures, texturizers and a few others will determine your basic prices. The more expansive your talent is as a barber the more you can charge.

3) Time of the Year
This profession has highs & lows so in the summer when school is out you may want to consider running different specials or plan events to keep old clients coming and bring new ones in.

4) Location
Normally if you’re situated in a mall or near major traffic (foot or car) your walk-in rate is higher & therefore driving the price up. Shops off the beaten path sometimes have to find creative ways to draw in more business such as bright, curb-side signs; streamers; flyers & a host of other promotional items.

If you want more real numbers of what barbers around the country are charging check out this link from the Facebook group powered by Andis and consider joining to stay in the mix.

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