The most important tools in a barber’s arsenal are the sheers and clippers. Beyond those two, what are some basics that are a must for the barber on their game? Read our top 10 list below!

1) Hand Sanitizer– Protect yourself. Don’t over look the health implications of cutting hair. Hand sanitizer helps cut back on germs for both the barber and clients.

2) Tweezers– It is imperative to possess a pair (or two) for assistance in removing ingrown hairs, and unsightly hair from the face, eyebrows, and upper lip. Great detail instrument when objects are too small and your hands are too big.

3) 4 Types of Brushes– You must have a soft brush for the tender heads & a medium one for thicker or coarse hair. Also, it would be wise to get a paddle & a slightly slimmer brush pending on the hair type.

4) Hair Lotion/Pomade – These are great for moisturizing the scalp & not too heavy that the clippers/scissors can’t cut through. Make sure to find one whose scent is pleasant, but not overpowering.

5) Combs – A variety of combs come in handy with fading & sheer cutting.

6) Color/Dye – To take the cut to the next level a barber can employ the use of color, or dye to darken the hair or add special effects.

7) Bump Care – Facial skin treatments are great at avoiding ingrown hairs and keeping the skin in tip-top shape.

8) Towel Warmer – Having hot towels at your disposal increases the quality of your service & lets clients relax.

9) Shave Oil – Yet another medium to help make shaving easier & smoother especially for clients with dry skin.

10) Blow dryer – This is a much-needed asset to controlling & styling hair after its been shampooed.

With these tools every barber should be able to stay on their A game. Agree? Disagree? Tell us what you think on Facebook.

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