One of the most important aspects of barbering that can directly elevate one to success is how we interact with the public, not only our own clients but our co-workers, their clients, and even vendors. We are negotiators, go between, facilitators, and host & have to keep in mind that when dealing with others not everyone is well-educated or well-mannered in all situations. For this we must master our emotions so that there is always a clear, calm mind at all times. Here are 3 important aspects of people skills: 

1)   Negotiator- Many times we must remain neutral so that we keep tempers cool in a spirited debate about sports, life, money, etc. We have to master the art of being less emotional for the good of the environment. We can have opinions, we can have passion, but those must be tempered.

2)   Connector– Barbers are around the public constantly. Since we are exposed to a greater amount of people we can really help our clients network with one another. A barber in the know is more knowledgeable and more valuable. Your cuts could be the same skill level and the same price as a fellow barber down the block, but your knowledge of the community can set you apart.

3)   Facilitator– The barbershop can become a place of value if we realize that the mental, physical & financial health of the people are of the utmost importance. Example, doing health & wellness events, holding community awareness meetings, or donating to after-school programs. Selflessness. When we exhibit these qualities our clients trust us. With trust business relationships are that much easier.

People skills will give you everything a barber/business owner wants while simuleteanously giving your clients what they need. It’s a win-win. This will not only lead to a financially prosperous barbershop, but emotional fullfilment as well. We are intimately connected to our clients over a course of time seeing them through good, bad & hard times. The barbershop can become a place of fellowship & trust for those without friends or family members & we need to cherish this union for the greater good of community.

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