Looking for songs to add to Barber Love Playlist

Music is the Window to the Soul

Every shop has a way of keeping the vibes going. Some use Pandora, personal mixes, or Youtube playlists. Comment with your favorite songs. We love the kids so save the songs with cursing for the club.

Derek Torres Fresh Cut of the Week

Fresh Cut of the Week

We only give respect to the freshest cuts in the industry
We’re featuring Derek Torres’ work this week. Say what you will, but the cut speaks for itself.

Hair Roundup

The Xotics Hair Tour
It was recently anncounced that the Xotics Hair Battle Tour in Chicago set for Dec.9 will be posponed.
Registration for IBS New York is now open. Save $25 when you register online before January 2.

 Riding Barber Love to Success

Working in a barbershop can be rewarding or challenging depending on the mentality of ownership & the employees. Barbers often look at each other as competition. When barbers try to outdo one another and not in friendly competition it breeds a hostile environment. Real barber love is about knowing we are not each other’s competition but each other’s inspiration.

We’ll make more bread by raising the overall quality of the environment. Be done with scarcity. There’s enough scratch in the game for everybody, especially when we play up to our strengths. Every barber has something they can provide their clients they can’t get anywhere else. It’s your job to figure out what that is whether it be personality, services, or what have you.

In saying this please be aware that using the expression Barber Love on Facebook or Twitter or anywhere else to express appreciation is in no way stepping on the toes of Barber Love the company. Selling products with or profiting from the name is. We cannot, nor do we want to control people who use the phrase. We are very aware that the expression came even before we formed this company. Due to our trademarking of the name for the purpose of profit nobody, but us can use the term. That’s all.

We are a business. The idea is the easy part the commitment to see it through is a whole ‘nother mountain to climb, but as barbers we have all the resources we need to be successful in our chair.

Barber Love!