Wahl Vs. Andis!

Andis Vs. Wahl!

Facebook Flashback
 A while back we asked our fans which company of clippers they rocked with more. It’s never too late to add your two cents!
This week's Fresh Cut of the Week

Fresh Cut of the Week

We only give respect to the freshest cuts in the industry
Our fans went gaga over this afro from Rashad Nice. One or two people assumed this was the work of Black Ice. Does the use of Black Ice diminshes the cut or the skills of the barber?

Bronners Bros. Promoting stylists on Facebook!

Hair Industry News

Bronner Bros is now featuring hair stylists and other hair industry professionals on their Facebook page. Click here for more info! Remember to post on their wall not the thread.

Quick Quide to Mastering Barber School

by Contributing Writer Todd McNeil
I was an unlicensed barber for years before I decided to go “legit”. So with me coming to the end of arguably one of the most difficult things I have ever done, here is my advice for those who want to get in the game correct.

1. Research, Research, Research When you decide to go to barber school, do the research. Talk to current students, instructors and if possible, former students to get a fresh perspective on what this particular school can offer you. And let’s be clear, you need to find a place that works best for you. You don’t want to waste your time, or money to ultimately leave and start all over. Like anything else in life, you need to be comfortable with your decision because you’re going to be in school eight months or more.

2. Go Hard! One of the greatest little big men in NBA history, Allen Iverson, would often say, “I play every game like it’s my last!” Take this seriously. Watch every YouTube cutting clip you can find, buy cutting DVDs, reread your textbooks. Make sure you attend a Bronner Brothers, or IBS hair show and any other hair event so you can network with your peers and keep up with the latest styles and techniques.

3. Just Cut Hair (and develop other skills) I started out as a cosmetology student. In the process I developed skills I never thought I even had. But, like I stated before, I didn’t do my research so eventually I changed schools and went to a traditional barber school. But, I learned something from that experience. The cosmetology and barber curriculum is very similar so don’t be apprehensive to learn how to apply a perm, to master coloring and learn to cut different types of hair texture. If your business is slow Tuesday and Wednesday, you can market yourself as a barber stylist and stay busy while your co-workers sit idle, waiting for walk-in customers. With that, stay cutting!!! The best teacher is practice.