jack2My name is Natrelle Jack. I’m from a very small country town in Southern Louisiana called Ashton. I now reside in Denton, TX, in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, where I’m a barber at AP’s Barbershop.

I began cutting hair at a young age, and from then,  it became a part of my genetics. Mentally and creatively, it’s my way through life.

I’m very passionate about my craft. I thrive on being a perfectionist.

I’m 32 now and my journey is just beginning. I look forward to making magic with other barbers that want to excel on the level that I do.

Barber Love to me means exactly that, barber love. Doing exactly what you love, with the people you love, for the the people you love!

Serving your community by not only being a barber, but an ear and a friend to every person that sits in your chair. Being an inspiration for those who need to be inspired. Making each client feel as if they are your only client. Transforming them physically and transforming their attitude about themselves.

When I get behind my chair and my music comes on, the first word that pops in my head is “CREATE”. It’s my sanity. I love seeing their smiles when they get out of my chair, knowing that regardless of how their day is going, I impacted them with my creativity. I love my craft. I love barbering. I love to CREATE!

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