Keeping Shop After a Natural Disaster

With the devastation of Hurricane Sandy still being felt we want to extend our prayers and wishes to those affected. Extreme conditions are the ones that not only shut businesses down, but can cause damage due to flooding, high winds, & earthquakes. Don’t lose faith in the melee. Read on to find out how to operate a good shop after a natural disaster:

Keep Lines of Communication Open
Are you open? Are you closed? Geography and location are key. It’s possible your shop is unaffected meanwhile a few miles away a shop might not have any power. Tell your clients, and your fellow coworkers what’s the deal by text, or calling. Here Facebook and Twitter shines allowing you to broadcast the same message to those who want to know.

Check on Shop as soon as possible to assess damage if any.

Apply For Aid If You Are Eligible
If your business was negatively affected find out what aid you can apply for. Google your region and Hurricane Sandy or check your official local government websites.

Show Some Barber Love
Barber Love is more than giving each other props for a good haircut or just saying it ‘cause it sounds cool. How do barbers show love for their clients, and their community? This is a perfect time to show what you’re made of. Run a can or clothing drive. If there’s anything else your community needs find a way to provide it. When being a barber includes serving the community you’ll reap the full benefits of being an irreplaceable pillar in the community. And that’s something no natural disaster can tear asunder.


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