Barber Love Stamp of Approval

We regularly use the capes and aprons from Battledress in our own shops. Not only are they unique and stylish, but all of their proudcts are made by female inmates in a program to employ inmates in manufacturing jobs.

Cut courtesy of Marcus Williams

Cut of the Week

We only give respect to the freshest cuts in the industry
This cut keeping the curly q’s intact is courtesy of Marcus Williams. Check out what the rest of the Barber Love fans had to say.


Hair Industry News

Premiere Birmingham went down this past Sunday and Monday. So far only only Barber Love fan Blackie Lee had anything to say. Don’t be afraid to comment with your own experiences. We KNOW our fans are dedicated to keeping their skills fresh. Represent!

How to Put It Down For Weekend Service

Thursday, Friday & Saturday are the best days for most barbers. It’s also the part of the week that requires the most energy & focus due to increase in traffic. Your clients are going out so they’re pouring into your shop to get their swag on. Without school there are more kids in the shop, especially Saturday for which a good dose of patience is in order.

To deal with the increased clientele have your techniques down pact so there’s no guessing what you’re going to do head to head. For particular clients & heavy tippers spend more time catering to them. I tell my clients after a cut “no matter what let the cut speak for you.” Clients trust that we’re going to make them look better than the next man/woman & their confidence & value goes up. A bad haircut can lead to bad attitudes, hats as cover up & losing clients to another barber.

At my barbershop, Liquid Styles, the weekend kicks off on Thursday evening with complimentary cigars & cocktails amongst clients & employees of legal age. The conversation is great, environment is relaxed. This sends people home feeling great with Friday & Saturday still coming.