Professional Barber/Stylist – Educator – Men’s Grooming Expert – Tonsorial Artist

Born in Brooklyn, NY to legendary Master Barber, John Mayes, Al Mayes is a 3rd generation barber. He began his hair care journey in an untraditional way. Growing up, Mayes spent many days after school watching his father, John, operate his own barber shop. But, seeing his dad cut hair didn’t initially motivate Mayes to follow in his father’s footsteps. He set out to become a computer technician. After graduating high school, Mayes attended The Cittone Institute and became certified in computer repair and robotics in 1991. A year later, he relocated to Chesapeake, Va., and continued to pursue his career as a computer technician working for a major dictation and transcription corporation. After four years in the corporate industry, Mayes grew tired and unchallenged with corporate America and decided to take a leap of faith with a career change.

After consulting with his father, who managed a barber shop at the time, Mayes decided to try his hand at Tonsorial Arts, the art of barbering. He began working at Andy’s Barber Shop in 1996. Mayes quickly discovered that the transition from computers to hair would be tough, but he was up for the challenge. He enrolled in Norfolk Vocational Technical School and received his certification with honors and was awarded his barbers license on May 1, 1998.

Over the next few years, Mayes continued to work hard at perfecting his craft. His meticulous eye for precision and attention to detail earned him respect among his peers and customers, who sought after him for high fashion cuts. In June 2009, Mayes formed AL MAYES BARBERING, AMB, LLC. Mayes held Co-Ownership of Hair Cafe in Chesapeake, VA. After branching out to a new location Mayes opened his new doors of Al Mayes Barbering AMB on December 2, 2012 in Norfolk, VA located inside Salon Plaza.

Understanding the value of education and believing in life-long learning, Mayes continues to hone his craft. He travels along the East Coast, attending various hair shows and participating in hair seminars and classes, learning from some of the best barbers in the industry.

In July of 2012 Mayes obtained his VA Barber Instructor License. Mayes is often called to instruct classes on techniques at various different hair schools in the area. He is a well-known in his community for volunteering at local schools for career day, cutting hair in the community, and cutting hair at nursing homes.

Al Mayes is a well-known, loved and respected barber for his, knowledge of hair, talents and generosity to his community.

Customers can rest easy and feel confident in knowing you’re being styled by a professional Barber/Stylist, educator, men’s grooming expert and accomplished Tonsorial Artist.

What Barber Love means to me is the Passion I have for the Craft of Barbering. Barbering has feed me, clothed me, educated me, and provided me shelter. It has allowed me to travel throughout some of this Beautiful country of ours and provided an all around great life. Being able to change lives and make people feel better about themselves Is What Barber Love Means to me.

Al Mayes, Al Mayes Barbering