Confidence comes from knowledge and doing. It answers the question can you get the job done? Those who have no confidence answer that question with a no. You want to be able to answer yes.
Does The Bark Match the Bite?
Even the worse barbers have confidence. You gotta have the skills to back up the bark. So before you go running your mouth about how good you are just make sure you have a few skill sets in your arsenal. If you cannot adhere to all of these things your confidence is not warranted:

  • Make sure you can perform every service a barber can do.
  • Make sure you can use a diverse selection of equipment clippers, shears, razor, chemicals, etc. (Refer to 10 Tools for What Every Barber Should Have.)
  • Make sure you can cut all types of hair, ethnic groups & genders.
  • Make sure your own cut is on point and that your equipment is clean, and well serviced because potential clients and other barbers  will judge you off your appearance.

When you have confidence it’s infectious. Potential clients will want to work with you, current clients will want to try something new. If you’re a shop owner your coworkers will have no problem looking up to you for direction & guidance. The direction & guidance you instill in others will come back in monetary and personally rewarding ways.

Fresh Cut of the Week

Today’s Fresh Cut of the Week is courtesy of Tina King. Go ‘head gurl with your bad self. 

Where are the Best Barbers?

We asked You Tell Us: A cocensus could not be reached so we’re opening it back up for discussion. Where are the best barbers in the country located?