Barber Love is honored to introduce to you Jasmyne Cintrón.

Jasmyne is an experienced licensed professional in Scalp Micropigmentation, Permanent Makeup & Non-Laser Tattoo Removal.

“My expertise comes from learning the basics & fundamentals to advanced trainings from the best Scalp Micro team in the USA, Canada & UK (7X Certified).

My work is focused on producing life changing quality results to obtain that wow factor. I’m always honored to apply the experience and skills obtained throughout my career to all new cases, especially one that involves creativity, problem solving and innovative camouflaging.

I also provide monthly Scalp Micropigmentation trainings. Have a look at my work IG: @smp_miami.

Jasmyne Cintrón
Senior Micropigmentation Technician
C.(917) 913-5145