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We only give respect to the freshest cuts in the industry
We don’t feature too many designs so when we saw Amit Corso’s we knew it was time!

Hair Industry News

Jimmy Kimmel Live paid a visit to Levels Barbershop in Brooklyn. Click here to watch!
Premiere Clipper Company became the first black owned company of it’s kind!
-All during the month of November men can be seen growing out their moustaches for Movemeber to raise awereness and funds for men’s health in particular tesicular and prostate cancer.
-And the ever present Xotics Hair Battle Tour was in Nashville this past Sunday Nov 4.

Banish Razor Bumps From Your Shop

Halloween was last week, but there’s something scary still going on in barbershops and in the mirros of men, especially African-American men, everywhere- razor bumps. Razor bumps happen when the hair follicle curls back growing into the skin. The curlier and coaser the hair the more susceptible your clients are. Educate them so they can stay looking smooth in between visits. When they come back to the chair their well treated skin will be easier to maintain than reviving a troubled canvas. All skin needs to be evaluated for indiviudal differences but a barber can’t go wrong with these 4 must haves:

1) Tweezers Forget all the kinds of seemingly similar tweezers that are out there you need a flat head and a needle point tweezer to extract the wayward hair.

2) Facial cleanser A good cleanser can penetrate deep within the pores extracting dirt & oil that can make ingrown hairs worse.

3) Facial scrub Not present in many men’s simple face care routine the addition of a face scrub removes dead skin. This renders skin smoother and removes even more obstructions on the face that can make the hair follicles grow back into the skin.

4) Astringents We saved the best for last because a good astringent after a good facial regimen will knock out razor bumps like they never existed. Astrignents high in ecualaptyus, or tea tree are the best. These two keep inflammation at bay in addition to being anti-septic. Andis Bumpcare, Tend Skin, and Tight Skin are the top bump killers. Barc is another popular favorite which we have less experience with, but we hear is another viable alternative.

Keep it Smooth, Keep it Sexy,
Barber Love!