24 year old artist that goes by the name of ‘Reina’ has been barbering since the age of 11. Originally from a small town of Pavo ,Ga but resides in Atlanta, she has still been an outstanding and very peculiar individual. Her story is very intriguing,  growing a love for barbering through other ranges of art, such as painting, drawing,and designing. She attested that she first attempted edging her younger brother, Hakeem ,one evening before a family outing because her dad could not get him to his regular barber. As most barbering stories go, it was a complete disaster. But Shatera (Reina) didn’t stop right there. Even as bad as the overall cut looked, she felt as if she knew how she error-ed and eventually persuaded Hakeem into letting her try again in the future. Throughout the attempts and trial-and-error lessons, Reina began to get the hang of things. Applying her mistakes, studying tutorials, and being persistent to do things the right way.

Now here it is, years later she has grown in the industry and dominating in her own lane of artistry. She excels in competitions, most recently winning not one – but two – first place Bronner Bros barbering competitions hosted by KISS EXPRESS. She took first place over some of the industry’s top groomers and artists. KISS EXPRESS COLORING COMPANY honored her with cash prizes and recognition as not only a young female artist but a barber in general.

So young, still growing and still elevating in her gift, Reina has made known that she honors her God given skills and gifts. She now has available her 1st filmed Barbering Tutorial that is available for purchase to those who admire and wish to learn her different cutting techniques and designer cut techniques also.

When asked she mentioned three sources of influence and inspiration that drives her growing passion and one of them was the love and support from other groomers, educators, barbers, and stylists. Shatera stated ”Barber Love has more influence than some may recognize. In an industry and world in general where envy and hate is so evident, feeling the love and push from other great figures really enhances the journey of success . Barber Love keeps the industry together and helps one another grow continuously.”

As she states ‘PUSH PAST EVERYTHING …IT GETS GREATER LATER.’ we definitely will be on the look out for even more accomplishments and new doors as she continues to push forward. We do believe in Reina that it will get greater even later. Keep Pushing Shatera!